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Enter Your Quilt

Rules for Entry:

  • You MUST be a current CCQ Guild Member to enter the quilt show. Guest Exhibits are the exception.

  • Select only ONE Category on the Entry Form. Group quilts may be entered into any category; please choose the category that best fits the work shown on quilt.

  • An eligible entry quilt must consist of three layers (top, batting and backing). Machine Embroidered quilts may have a false back. No tied quilts, it must be hand or machine quilted. The quilt must be a single unit, without frame of wood, metal, etc. 

  • Maximum size of quilts is 110" x 110" because of equipment restrictions. 

  • Quilts must include a label identifying the entrant and contact information.

Fill out Form for Each Entry

Entered By:


I understand that my signature below gives CCQ the right to use a photo of my quilt in any show publications, advertisements, promotional materials, or in a Quilt Show digital device to be sold at or after the CCQ Quilt Show.

Upload image of quilt

Your computer will upload your image to the system when you hit submit.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take a few moments!  Please be patient!

Submitting the form will take you directly to payment. 

2024 Quiltfest Northwest Show Co-Chairs: 

Kathy Jo Rockrohr 217-494-5315 

Marie Cook 541-207-6362

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