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Enter Your Quilt

Closing date for online entries:  January 31, 2025

Mailed entries must be postmarked by January 31, 2025

Rules for Entry:

  • You MUST be a current CCQ Guild Member to enter the quilt show. Guest Exhibits are the exception.

  • Select only ONE Category on the Entry Form. Group quilts may be entered into any category; please choose the category that best fits the work shown on quilt.

  • An eligible entry quilt must consist of three layers (top, batting and backing). Machine Embroidered quilts may have a false back. No tied quilts, it must be hand or machine quilted. The quilt must be a single unit, without frame of wood, metal, etc. 

  • Maximum size of quilts is 110" x 110" because of equipment restrictions. 

  • Quilts must include a label identifying the entrant and contact information.

Fill out Form for Each Entry

Entered By:

Quilt Information:

I understand that my signature (or initials) below gives CCQ the right to use a photo of my quilt in any show publications, advertisements, promotional materials, or in a Quilt Show digital device to be sold at or after the CCQ Quilt Show.

Submitting the form will take you directly to payment.   Add the $10 entry fee unless you are in a No Fee category.

Fees:  Each quilt/piece entered requires a $10 nonrefundable entry fee except for NF (no fee) categories.

2025 Quiltfest Northwest Show Co-Chairs: 

Deidre Meaney  503-781-7251

Karmen Ray      360-909-8340

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