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2022 Guest Exhibits

Cherrywood Princess Diana Exhibit

The logo of the Diana Cherrywood Challenge 2020 is a pink circle with white purls draped in the bottom left as well as a white tiara with pink 'gems' in the top right.

GOAL of the 2020 Cherrywood Challenge:

Our challenge was to take inspiration from Diana, Princess of Wales, to create our own unique art quilts using a limited color palette: pink and white.
Artists were encouraged to push themselves creatively, think outside the box, and create new fiber art. The contest was open to anyone and everyone.

All the quilts are the same color, fabric, size, and theme, making the exhibit very cohesive and striking.


 We are pleased to have this "Rose" exhibit as part of our  Quiltfest.

Exhibit sponsored by Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop

Logo for Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop

Creative Wearables

A jacket featuring stitched flowers lies on a wooden floor.

Creative  Wearables, an interest group within Columbia FiberArts Guild, will present a collection of items created for 2 of our 2022 Challenges. Both embraced the current popular theme: reuse and rescue. Thus, we created new looks with garments that were either no longer in style or simply no longer fit our bodies or lifestyles. Our May challenge was to deconstruct a favorite and make something NEW. For June we were to take 3 or more gently-used pieces and make them into another WEARABLE garment.

Garment by D Sorem

Art Quilt Group

This quilt features a dark sunset scene with a boat's silhouette on the right and a rocky hill on the right with trees and a white and red lighthouse.

The Art Quilt Group was formed in 2005 and includes a collection of immensely talented women who are willing and happy to share their expertise.  We have learned and experimented with fabrics, paints, beads, yarns, stamps, buttons, metal, paper, cord, bleach, and inks.  And we’ve had so much fun in the process.


Improv Quilting, Book Interpretation, and Create a New Fabric were the three challenges the members of Art Quilt Group have given themselves during the last year. This year’s Guest Exhibit will include pieces inspired by these challenges. 


Red Sky in Mourning by Pat Rushford. Inspired by her book of the same name.

Machine in Stitches

This quilt features black and white blocks made from triangles, squares and rectangles.  These blocks are bordered and framed in red.

Machine In Stitches is a small group of longarm quilters gathering together monthly to share and to learn. Some members longarm as a business, some only for their own pleasure. 


Machine in Stitches is a very interactive group, contributing together for a monthly program. Membership is free, contact for further information.


2020 Challenge by Linda Clasey

Trails End Machine Quilters

A swoon block made with green, blue and purple fabrics on a cream background is stunningly quilted with feathers, grids and lines.

This year's TEMQ challenge is a 42”X42” block from the “Simply Swoon Quilt Pattern” by Thimble Blossoms. Each entry should have a white background, include Peri Purple as the primary color and up to two additional colors. The finished quilt can be faced or bound.


Quilt by Linda Padilla.

Sunflowers for Ukraine

The quilt featured has a large yellow sunflower with a brown center.  The background is made from blue scraps at the top and green scraps on the bottom.

The sunflower, Ukraine's national flower, is a symbol of resistance against the country's invasion by Russian forces.

Many of us have wanted to assist the

Ukrainians during this traumatic time. We will have that opportunity at the 2022 CCQ Quiltfest Northwest.

To support this humanitarian project, you may make a “Sunflowers for Ukraine” quilt to be sold at the quilt show, or you can purchase one at the quilt show. All proceeds will go to the World Central Kitchen to feed the Ukraine refugees. There will be no fee to enter the quilt or to sell it at the quilt show. It will not be judged. To enter it in the show, use the guest application form, mark “Other,” and write in “Sunflowers for Ukraine.” One does not have to be a member of the guild to enter a quilt.

You may make the quilt any size, but a wall hanging sunflower is encouraged. Choose your own price for it. For inspiration, search on the Internet for “Sunflowers for Ukraine” quilts. Let’s fill a large area of the show with sunflowers!

If you have any questions, contact Ada Levins.


Piece designed by Ada Levins

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